Web Development in the UK: from a Simple Website to the Most Powerful App

Our UK company has more than eight years of experience in web development and offers high quality software solutions for national and foreign companies. A website development team collected from the talented designers and skilled software engineers has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs succeed in driving high-performance web programs and ready to develop next star project for you.

What We Offer

The services of the company are the following:

  • Design of websites (commercial website, e-commerce)
  • App development (Web, Native, Hybrid)
  • Design compatible with mobile devices (adaptability, responsiveness, mobile site)
  • QA & Test (UI / UX)
  • Maintenance, support, consultant

Development of commercial websites in the United Kingdom

Each company needs a fully reflected website, unlike other companies. Our web development team shows what makes the company special, using the latest front-end and back-end technology. Our web agency is here to provide you with the right website, which means that you can customize it according to your business objectives and goals. The development team will work closely with you to study your company and USP and understand your objectives and requirements. After all, you will be:

  • A custom-made website that responds to customer requirements and business challenges.
  • Web app with advanced features and an attractive design.
  • Attractive user experience design.
  • A website that stands out on any device.

Our website developers can also track and analyze the activities of existing sites, find weak points and how to improve them, implement new features and stand out in a highly competitive market.

Design of the e-commerce website

Our UK web development company offer complete e-commerce services for all types of products. Internet development services provide the opportunity to generate more sales online. As a professional B2B company, our main focus is on making profitable investments and creating a high ROI. IT designers will implement the brand while developing the website, while preserving the visual identity of their business. Mature experts are drawing website pages focused on top selling and high conversion rates. You can create conveniently categorized product catalogs and browse your website with an intuitive user interface. Our understanding of the Internet makes it possible to create new sales channels for your products.


Our development team supports updating your website, but you can integrate Content Management System (CMS) to manage, update and edit the content of the website. Regardless of text, image, video or document for visitors, you can completely control the structure of the page and update employees to continually improve the site and attract more customers. I will do it. On the e-commerce site, web developers can build a store management system and move forward in business. Our team can offer you a personalized CMS or you can integrate your ready-to-use solutions.

App development

For web, native and hybrid development, the bespoke software is the next level to do business. You can expand your brand awareness even more with the app than with the site. You can enter your client's pocket and get all the advantages of current technology. Software developers with experience and experience are the leading experts in mobile and web development in the UK and can offer high-quality applications.

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What is the difference between native, web and hybrid?

Applications offer much more advanced features and provide better business opportunities than websites, but their creation requires more efforts and money. Naturally, you need to know what your investment is and how you can benefit. Our IT agency offers all kinds of software development and helps to understand which is the right software solution to achieve business objectives for your company.

Native app

The development of native applications is a coding app that uses a specific platform (iOS, Android, Windows, specialized Blackberry) and a specific programming language. For example, iOS applications are written in Swift and Objective-C, and Android applications are written in Java. For native applications, you need to rewrite the code for each platform. Therefore, double effort and double cost are required for the software to be available for iPhone and Android users. One of the greatest benefits of native applications is access to all hardware functions. Therefore, applications encoded with a specific API can use most device features, such as push notifications that are not possible with website interfaces. Native applications are quickly discovered in the app store, and you can make money with the initial purchase, the purchase from the app and the advertising in the app. They seem native to the device and provide the best user experience. They can work without an Internet connection and provide the user not only a pleasant appearance, but also a fast performance.

Web-based app

Web-based applications have the best coverage of the platform. They are written in the program code like any website, but they provide an interactive sense, like an app on a mobile device. It is much cheaper than developing native or hybrid applications. Thanks to the HTML5 technology that establishes the visual part of the code, the web projects became more dynamic. The web app works with the browser on any device, such as desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc. The use of hardware features is significantly less than with native applications. By using source files to connect to remote servers, you can quickly process unlimited data and make immediate improvements, updates and updates. Another advantage of web applications is to accelerate the market. Like other websites, they have their own URLs and can be found on the web.

Hybrid app

A hybrid app seen from a name is a combination of a web and a native app. Written in combination with a website code such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a mobile app framework such as Ionic and Cordova, you have access to the use of the native feature of the platform. When web developers use HTML5 technology, the app code can be directly portable in other cases and must be adapted to other platforms using the appropriate native framework. For the cost of development and market launch, the hybrid app is done somewhere between the native application and the HTML program.

What do you need: native, web, hybrid?

Come to our development company, the software experts and your project manager will help you find software solutions that match the needs of your business. However, we have several key questions that will help you see what is best for you:

  • How many platforms should you cover?
  • How do you want to provide a user experience of the mobile app?
  • Are there any restrictions on money and time?
  • What kind of functions do you want to implement in your app?

Quality guarantee

While our UK agents develop your program, experts in quality assurance are numerous to ensure that the product meets internal quality standards, as well as customer requirements. We are carrying out the test. If the ease of use of a website / app is just one of the key elements of the success of a website, developers pay special attention to visitors and make short calls to make the site more attractive and easy to use. Reduce the rate As the user knows how to display the web page, request actions in the appropriate place on the page. Perform user experience tests (UX) and quality control (QA) of the quality control team that implements the best design practices. They will ensure that our development company delivers superior looking products. We will show you your website by running your website in any browser.

Maintenance and support

The web site and app development company is always ready to help you. Not only do we bring unique ideas to your life, but it also helps you maintain, update and update them. You can trust your idea and be convinced that you are in a safe hand. Also, when we need help, we can get an immediate response from us. As a business partner, I hope to build a long-term relationship. For this purpose, we are making efforts for the project to be successful.

Friendly design for mobile devices

In addition to focusing on rich images, font sizes, color patterns, we are designing a website optimized for mobile devices taking into account important functions such as navigation, an excellent user experience on each screen, SEO. The use of mobile Internet has increased, and many of the visitors of the site come from smartphones and tablets. The demand for websites optimized for mobile devices has become one of Google's main ranking criteria. The IT company in the UK offers all kinds of mobile excellence for your site, from adaptable designs that are adaptable to the development of mobile sites.

  • Responsive

    The responsive design is friendly to mobile devices and does not change the content of both the desktop device and the mobile device because all devices find the site in the same URL. The space between images and text fragments is reduced on all screens, depending on the width of the open browser.

  • Adaptive

    The adaptive design is very similar to the responsiveness and is applied quite frequently in combination with it. Adaptive design means that visitors to the site visit the same page with different content design according to the screen size of the visitor's device. You can change the content slightly, but you can replace some of the items that take time to load items that will load the site faster.

  • Mobile site

    Unlike responsive design, mobile sites have different URLs and need more coding. This is the development of the entire new website for each platform. It can be quite different from your website, but at the same time additional maintenance is required.


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