SMARTAX: Mobile Applications that Meet Business Goals

Sales Agent

A cross-platform mobile solution for customer management

Our task was to leverage customer’s sales data with a mobile application which helps to get insight and new opportunities for sales representatives. The idea of the mobile application was based on the web software which belongs to our customer who wanted to extend the capabilities of their sales tool to the iOS and Android devices. Our team of programmers needed to retain existing features and integrate new functionality creating the flawless user experience. As a result, we get a mobile email system with advanced CRM features.


An educational mobile application for professional growth and continuing education

Our team is always happy to work on educational projects, and one of them was to develop a mobile application with video tutorials and follow-up quizzes. The program was designed for certified professionals who are interested in keeping their certifications valid. Users get access to the first video for free and to continue the education it is necessary to either share it on Facebook or pay for it in in-app purchases. After finishing the course users take a quiz to justify their competence and get a certificate in PDF in the case of successful passing.

Lighting Controller

A mobile application for operating the lighting system in the house

Our client has developed a smart house project related to the remote lighting control and needed our help to complete it with a bespoke web and mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. One of the tasks was to build a web simulator that displays our customer system operation and interaction with the remote app. The app was developed to get access to the lighting control system developed by our customer so that it could manage it remotely. A wide range of settings which were implemented in the smartphone program let users save energy controlling the lighting consumption in a building and improve lighting quality.

Working Out

A fitness application for beginners

A mobile application for those who want to start work out is a startup idea of our clients who is a professional fitness trainer. Our customer wanted to create a mobile solution which will let personalize training and help users to achieve their fitness goals accomplishing daily tasks and exercises. Registration functionality lets users create their personal accounts via Facebook or e-mail address. Social networking elements enable users to find their friends and join them working out together. App collects statistics helping to estimate achieved results and motivating to meet the final goal. The app also contains video materials which are available after in-app purchasing.


A multi-language mobile application for the restaurant chain

A chain of fast food restaurants wanted to create an engaging mobile application for national and international markets. The team faced the task to develop a fast, reliable, universally compatible, and multiple languages program. The challenge was to make this program stable and able to handle thousands of users as well as to design the user interface so that it looked amazing not only on different screens but also in different languages which included English, French, German and Chinese. We successfully met clients requirements and created an engaging mobile application that promotes the restaurant chain providing users the information about the menu items, coupons, restaurant locations.


A mobile application that streamlines the search of the perfect home

A representative of the real estate company approached us to build a mobile application that could help users to improve the experience of the property search process making it fast and simple. We enhance the search engine with an advanced filter so that users can fill in their requirements and see only those results which fit their needs. As soon as the user is ready to have a look at the property in reality, he or she can easily contact a professional agent and make an appointment. So for the customer company, this application will become an additional lead converter.