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We are making custom applications tailored for iPad!

We specialise in building custom software for iPads. Our development team has experience in a wide range of industries and has achieved the most difficult goals through our service.

Hire a professional iPad app developer

Our software company has experience in each stage of the software development life cycle. Our experience and technical strength ensure that your iPad tool contains a robust and distinctive code, and an intuitive and attractive design. Professional developers can eventually receive products that meet business objectives and ensure they meet the requirements without compromising. For many years, our team supports our clients with iPad app development services and we know how to take advantage of the iOS technology.

We offer the following:

  • A business app that brings results and maximizes ROI.
  • Creative thinking that makes your project unique and innovative.
  • Legible code to guarantee the powerful functions of your software.
  • It is simple, but the impressive design, is related to the user.

Create an iPad custom app

There are many reasons why companies need their own iPad app.

  • Creating more value and commitment for your customers.
  • Automation and optimisation of internal processes.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve the management of employees and the association of the personnel of your company.
  • Simplify and streamline routine tasks that consume time and other tasks.

Whatever you want, we know how to achieve it with sophisticated and sophisticated software for iPad.

Our experience

Since our company founded in 2010, our team has offered the highest standard iPad solution. I know how to create complex solutions with a simple user interface design that maximizes iOS functions and maintains performance and ease of use.

As an IT expert, we know how to develop iPad applications.

  • Maintain the highest quality.
  • Customized for specific industry and requirements.
  • We are going to get rich features and all the necessary functions.
  • Our service specialists will launch the app on the market.
  • Our team creates interactive, attractive and easy to use iPad apps.

Our services

We are proud to be a reliable and highly receptive team of experts. Our designers, developers, software engineers and project managers will help you with your software projects. We will take both the zero improvement and the projects that need improvement.

Our specialists offer a broad range of services that offer full cycle development as follows.

  • Verifying your idea to make sure it is viable will be a profitable investment for you.
  • Robust and stable code construction for your iPad program.
  • Create a sophisticated and easy-to-use design and intuitive navigation.
  • Implementation, if necessary, complete the customization of the design and requirements of the corporate brand.
  • Test and debug the entire QA.
  • Launch, technical support, custom software maintenance.

What’s the difference between iPhone and iPad application development?

In summary, software development for both devices requires the same tools and SDK. It is necessary to consider choosing a device to create an app so that developers can make use of the large screen of the iPad. In addition to containing many elements of the user interface for both the amount of information and the functionality, is an extension recently implemented by Apple.

Therefore, thanks to Apple's Retina display, in addition to the rich image that both types of devices can provide, in addition to the advantages of the screen size that covers more visual and functional elements, it can help a program to take out advantage. Multitasking is a specific user interface component for iPad that includes Slide, Split View, and Picture in Picture. These three types of multitasking are very convenient for businessmen, since they can handle different applications at the same time. For example, you can slide the secondary app, display it without leaving the app you are currently using, split the screen in two, use an app in the background mode, use another app, or you can.

Our development team can optimize your app in one of these ways while maintaining usability. Such multitasking features are only available in iOS 9 and later. Even if the user is using an earlier version, you can take advantage of horizontal and vertical orientation, more detailed graphics and additional popover capabilities. By using a popover, you can display information about screen objects and a list of actions you can perform on them, manage frequently accessed options, or display split view controllers within your app.

Of course, the main element you should consider is the type of app in which you want to develop more content than you want to display. Increase the chances of it developing for the iPad.

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  • main10-tablet
  • main10-folder
  • main10-bulb
  • main10-star

Our iPad app development process

Our development team stands out in the 'waterfall' and 'agile' methodology of development. Sometimes it is necessary to thoroughly examine the project and implement additional functions or change the mobile strategy, whether you have a clear understanding of what you want within the established time frame and the project budget. It has desirable results.


We discuss your project idea, we start the business analysis when doing business analysis. It is important to understand the business and industry goals that you strive to achieve. By deeply understanding your business and your rich experiences, you can create a prototype of a perfect software solution that meets your needs. Our team conducts market research, investigates similar software solutions and provides our customers with a unique and proven software solution that tries to differentiate them.

UI / UX design

Our team has put more emphasis on the design of their software and guaranteed their intuition and attractiveness. Both aspects of these designs are essential for the usability and efficiency of the program. We comply with Apple guidelines, so that users can see your message and find answers, so that the perfect and beautiful designs are easy to read and fun with clear content, it is light, clear and deep. We continue designing user interfaces with.

How to write code

Our software engineers write high quality code that highlights the importance of readability. We, the world today is developing at a phenomenal speed due to constant technological progress, and in order to meet the needs of your business, you need to update your software one day to improve. When you buy the code, when it comes time to update your program, other programmers and developers can easily understand it and work with it. We will not only solve your current problem, but also provide a scalable iPad program so you can grow with the business.

Test and activation

As a professional developer, we guarantee quality assurance of your iPad app. As you accept the requirements of your project, quality assurance experts will start working on the project. They are working to eliminate serious errors and avoid cheating. Since the developers have offered MVP, the testers verify the performance and usability of the software. Careful testing and thorough analysis will help you obtain maximum results and save money on additional maintenance of the app. Our team will not leave you the final product. We will launch the app navigating all Apple restrictions in the shortest possible time.

Our team is an official member of the Apple Developer Program and has access to all tools that Apple provides to develop a great app of iPads. We specialize mainly in the development of iOS. Because it is the most stable platform and is the most appropriate to run mobile businesses. Have a developer account, not only to present the native app in the App Store, so it is possible to also try the Apple beta program, you can know. Such privilege helps us recover time and gain additional experience. However, when programmers develop software for their clients, they only use proven tools and methods to ensure the quality and efficiency of the program.


Xcode (IDE). The developers have enough skills to get enough Xcode benefits. Xcode is an official integrated development environment for Apple and can create excellent software for all iOS devices. In the latest version of Xcode, it is easier, faster to develop applications for iPad, and prepare several functions with few errors. It has a new editor extension that allows run time checking and detecting memory damages. Then our team can find and correct errors even with static code.

Objective-C and Swift. The native iPad program can only be written in these two languages, and our team is equally familiar. Our iOS developer started with Objective-C and soon learned Swift released in 2014. Both have usage advantages. Because our iOS designer is the efficiency of the program.

iOS framework. Our development team also has access to the iOS framework, which greatly reduces development time. These mean the basic structure to implement functions perfectly. The proper use of such framework improves the performance of the software. Push notifications, purchase in app, portfolio, geolocation, integration of iCloud, even if something else is needed, our experience is not enough to provide a rich and effective function to the iPad tool.

The latest innovation. For developers, it is essential to observe the latest technology to greatly improve the productivity of developers and provide greater capabilities. Thinning, bit code, for this innovation, including on-demand resources, developers can reduce the need for program storage area, to improve the installation speed and load, to optimize the iPad app with the latest updates of iOS for the App Store Yes.


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How to make an app for iPad

If you want to overcome the competitors on the market, it is better to start developing applications for iPad just now. The appropriate iPad software not only creates your own business mobile, but also helps increase the brand awareness. Our software company can provide this suitable solution. Even if the approach for us in the slightest idea, our team will help you create a summary of the project that includes a complete list of specifications to meet your needs and requirements.

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We have designed hundreds of successful iPad applications to satisfy the customers. If you wish to obtain an iOS app within the agreed timeframe and budget, contact us and we’ll furnish you with professional the iPad app development services.