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The London web design company with more than 8 years of experience promotes the online business to optimise the website search engine as needed from the beginning of the business logo design. Our designers has a lot of creative ideas and advanced coding skills to create the most sophisticated mobile applications and excellent websites, strengthen the online business and sidestep the competition. This is the reason why the design agency managed to create and maintain a website that exceeds your expectations. Our web company can be your own team of web developers to create well-designed, informative and high-performance sites to achieve your business objectives.

Why do you need a visualisation for your business?

We know how much brand awareness is affecting the growth of the business and we fully agree that the design of the company image is important for both the established company and the small business that started. As your logo is a visual form of your brand and reputation, you can be part of a successful business strategy:

  • Promote your business
  • Earn recognition
  • I'm going to leave you memories
  • Transfer a sense of trust and familiarity to the client's mind through an image that encapsulates their identity

And our designers know how to make it work for you. Our experienced designers will investigate the activities of your business, industry and competition, highlight them from your market niche and help you transfer cultures and business identities through personal corporate signatures. Our design agency knows how to make you memorable.

Basic Aspects of Business Logo Design

The logo of your company is a visual icon that confirms the consistency and the memories of the brand. Play an important role in the awareness of your brand and communicate the image of your company to customers. This means that it is important to identify which logo is successful and which icon does not succeed.

  • main10-cloud
  • main10-tablet
  • main10-folder
  • main10-bulb
  • main10-star
  • main10-portfolio


Make your design simple and clear. It may reflect in some way what your business activity is, but it should not be overwhelmed and should not be full of confusing details. Remember brands like Nike, Apple, Twitter, etc. All of them have acquired art of simplicity and sophistication in the design of business logos. Simple symbols are easy to remember and easy to recognize.


A good design should reflect the feelings of your audience about your company and industry, and your products and services. The best visual design tends to give the opportunity to develop a single attribute, contemporary lines, intervals, etc. for the business.


Your company's signature must be flexible to work with different dimensions and sizes. Even if you talk about integrating your brand image on your website, you should remember that your customers can visit your website both from your PC and from your mobile phone. It's small Brands are used in several dimensions, so scalability is necessary.

Adequate Color Scheme

Colors sometimes have a high power that is underestimated. It will cause certain organizations that can affect the attitude of your client towards your business. Therefore, some pastel shades traditionally exist in the beauty industry, and bright colors are suitable for sports areas. Yellow is often fun and associated with energy, blue promotes trust and authority. So be careful with your choice.

History of the "Logo"

"Logo" first appeared at the beginning of the 19th century and at that time it referred to a two- or three-digit font combination. It is due to the increase of the manufacturing industry, which leads to an increase in the volume of production due to the growth of exports and the improvement of competitiveness. In the mid-nineteenth century, the "logo" was applied to all the cliché of text that was not always necessary to rewrite, as the name of the newspaper. In XX, the "logo" was used to describe the description of a fixed source of names and symbols mentioned in organizations and products. Today, people have different opinions about what logotypes are.

Image Superiority / Inferior Effect

The brand of your company can write your company name, graphic symbols or both sources, but there are some facts that will help you choose an implementation so that the design of your company sign is successful. You need to know Since symbolic modalities have a great influence on the human mind as a means of presenting information, I am talking about the "superiority effect of the image" that images are more likely to remain in memory than the illumination of sources. That's why ads are used too much for advertising. Remember the brand that first occurs to you, in most cases, you will remember several logos with naughty and impressive symbols.

Voluntary and Associative Brand Awareness

There are two main types of brand awareness measured generally in several questionnaires: help and spontaneous. The collection of grants is the ability of respondents to recognize brands. In this case, the respondents look at the list of brands and indicate the brand they know. With respect to voluntary withdrawals, respondents do not need clues. Simply call the brand that comes in their heads, this is what our designers strive to create the design of their business logo. Our creator of professional logotypes aims to create business signals that are easier to remember and that think first of the client's mind. No matter how excellent the value of your brand, you can only succeed if you value the reputation of your company, which only offers services and high quality products.

Main Errors During the Creation of the Logo

There are some mistakes that amateurs can make to business logos and designers want to prevent you from doing them.

  • Using Bitmap Graphics

    Your logo must be flexible and versatile. It must be clear and precise in small and large versions. When creating a bitmap graphic image, there is a danger of problems when you need to reproduce them in other sizes. For example, if it is a poster, it will make it bigger. That's why our designer is easy to use a program with vector graphics to create a logo that guarantees the scalability of your company identity sign and to continue modifying it.

  • Next Blind Brand

    Our web designers follow the trend of technology that allows web agencies to offer a high quality service, but if you analyze trends in the logo design, I would like to warn you to avoid it. . The signature of your company and its brands has been living and prospering for a long time, but the trend is to live for one to two years. Sooner or later the trend will increase and you can deprive your personality and personality. A well-designed logo must be perennial. This is what we are thinking about making your brand recognition awesome.

  • Too Much Dependence on Color Effects

    There is a great chance that you can use your company's logo once or twice in the monochrome version; if you emphasize only the color pattern, problems will arise. Colors can send messages, but consider the fact that web designers must be profitable even when there is no color when creating their logo.

  • Wrong Font Writing

    A common mistake made by amateurs is to select a combination of incorrect sources and several sources at the same time. Our design team pays special attention to the sources, as long as it plays an important role in the corporate visual sign. Our designer chooses a font that corresponds to the style of the image, but does not compete with it. Our business logo designers are looking for a balance to give you the best results and strive to integrate your corporate features and valuables in the visualisation of your company visualisation icon.

  • Loan of Visual Expression and Ideas

    His business is unique, he has his own ideas, culture and emos, and his logo is a way to show it to other worlds. Why did Apple spread? This slogan is "I think it's different", so this is what people want. They want to show their personality, and I would like to get something and ideas that nobody has. Therefore, if you want to highlight competitors, you must show your own identity using innovative approach. In addition, it is quite illegal to change and use the ideas of others. Before our design company provides custom design services, we will learn about the company's standards and traditions to transfer their ideas to symbolic symbols and share them with customers.

    If you want to personalize the sign, you can work with a free logo creator. They may not be enough to offer you the right approach, but at least they are a source of inspiration and will be a good solution for low-cost logo design. Come to us and make sure your brand has a unique design made for professionals, a symbol of your future success and brand awareness.


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In addition to design services, our web agency has qualified web developers and software engineers, and we have high-quality software solutions such as iOS, web portal for Android, corporate intranet, website and mobile applications. We can offer you an integrated solution to meet the needs of Windows or companies. We are a team of professional developers who create specialized software solutions for your business.

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Our team of experts will help you create an efficient online presence and promote your personality and brand to meet all your requirements. When you come to us, we sincerely hope to consider you as a business partner, not to be rewarded for achieving our work, but to be successful. So let's discuss your ideas. We guarantee we can realise what you can imagine.