App Developers in UK: Who They Are and What They Accomplish

The job of an app developer isn’t different, no matter where you are on the planet. The smartphone industry has grown so much in the past couple of years that there is more demand than there is a supply, and the services offered on the smartphone in the form of applications are ever changing, ever growing and getting better with each year.
The app developer works really hard to make his and his client’s idea blossom. This context is about the App Developers from UK, who have made some of the best apps to dominate every market in this world.

Contributions of UK app developers in the world

The UK app economy was more than 4 billion pounds in the year 2014. It steadily grew to a hefty 7 billion pounds by Q1 2016.
The contributing factors to this figure are revenues generated by app companies in UK through app store sales, in app purchases, advertising, pay-per-click ads, sponsored and commissioned app development and affiliate sales programs. The UK accounts for a huge 18% of app developers and boast a 32% of app revenues in EU28. UK app developers earn 75% more revenues than EU28 average cut off.
More than half of UK developers generate revenues from outside sources, i.e. from sales outside Great Britain and Europe. In retrospect, 38% of app developers in Germany and 12% of French developers generate their revenues from outside the continent.
An estimated 8300 companies are actively engaged in developing apps for the numerous clients they cater to, and a significant amount of these companies are a one man show. All of these companies account for more than 400,000 people actively engaged in app development in UK, which is an increase from the mere 110,000, most of whom took app development as a hobby or as a part time.
Skills needed for becoming an app developer in UK
App developers in UK, apart from having knowledge in iOS, Windows and Android and other OS, they know SQL, JAVA, C# and .Net Architecture. UK companies stress heavily on UI/UX development and hire graphics designers as well.
The median salary in UK for app developers is 35,000 pounds, and most people earn more in a year. App developers move to other challenging jobs after having a 5 to 10 year experience in app development. The app development market in UK is flourishing by the years and it is far from being saturated. The market potential for app developers in UK is big enough for a headlining revenue number.

Best companies to work for as app developers in UK

Some of the best few companies are listed here:
DMI: Located in London, this is one of the best companies driving technical growth through smartphones.
Mubaloo: Another company in London, this company has a relatively low employee count but is high on quality products.
Intellectsoft: Based in London, their tagline is “Developing Serious Software Solutions”. Needless to say, they are one of the best app developers around.