An iPhone App Development Tutorial – iPhone Dev Secrets Review

If you’re looking for an iphone app development tutorial then you need to read this.
This is my uncensored and uncut review of what I really thought about iPhone Dev Secrets.
Please note this is a review, if you are looking for iPhone Dev Secrets website then click here to check out this great iphone app development tutorial.
Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking about buying iPhone Dev Secrets, but there weren’t many real reviews around (or at least none that I had any confidence in) so I thought I’d write one quickly to help any of you who are in the same position I was.
However, I’ll let you know now, in addition to what I really liked, I will be telling you what I thought was really bad, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.
Let me start by saying, if you are someone who is looking for a true iPhone app development tutorial, iPhone Dev Secrets definitely fits the bill. You can have zero experience developing iPhone apps and still be able to follow along step-by-step as they guide you through the iphone app development process.
The course is setup as a series of video tutorials. Each video is accompanied by a pdf download of the script to refer back to. I definitely like this because when I’m watching a video I hate trying to take notes. I’m just lazy that way. But I do like having the ability to watch the videos and read the pdf files to reinforce the content. Plus the pdfs have some extra content that isn’t contained in the videos, so they complement each other nicely and make this a very strong iPhone app development tutorial.
The iphone Dev Secrets iphone app development tutorial is laid out in four sections:
Week 1: “Getting Started”
Week 2: “Programming: It’s Easier Than You Think”
Week 3: “Design Process, Audio and Motion Effects”
Week 4: “Marketing and publishing: How to Promote Your iPhone/iPad Application or Game and Start Making Money”
The four weeks contain a total of 45 videos with accompanying pdf scripts, with each section being broken down into short easily digestible chunks. No hour long videos to try to remember and get lost in and then sift though later to find that one nugget of information you need.

This is hugely important for beginners.

I would go check out their main page by clicking here, where they give you a detailed description of the contents of the course.
You can watch a video and then do what the video has just told you to do and easily watch the short video again to refresh your memory, or like I would do, watch the video and then refer to the pdf script.
I really liked how the very first video covers everything you are going to need to start developing iPhone apps. It tells you what hardware and software you must have and also gives the cost of the key software. I thought this was very useful so you don’t get half way through the course just to realize you don’t have everything you need to get started. I really hate it when that happens.
The overall structure of the course was very well laid out. They don’t just jump right into programming. Right after they tell you what you need to get started they cover how to plan your iPhone app and how to do market research. It’s important to know what the competition is doing and also the types of apps that people are actually downloading. You don’t want to spend loads of time developing what you think is a really cool iPhone app just to find out nobody wants it, or that there are already a hundred other apps that already do the same thing.
If I’ve said enough and you want to check this course out for yourself, just click here to go to the iPhone Dev Secrets official website.
Now, I have to be honest with you. I am not a programmer and quite frankly freaked out at the prospect of having to learn programming, so I was really looking for an iphone app development tutorial that would ease my fears. After going through the videos I really felt a lot more comfortable with the different programming techniques and software packages. The clear step-by-step instructions and on screen tutorials are truly designed for beginners.

A few words of caution to you

Developing an iPhone app is hard work. Obviously having a good idea is a big part of the challenge, but learning to program takes time. You need to be prepared to commit some serious time if you want your project to be successful.
With that said, iPhone Dev Secrets will guide you through this process in great detail and will point you to all the resources you need to build your first iPhone app from start to finish.