Smartphone App Development: How to make your business app

We are a proficient digital agency who has been engaged in smartphone app development for over 6 years, helping businesses to implement innovative technologies in their workflow to get ahead of the competitors. It is a pleasure for our team to share our expertise with you so you can achieve the business goals and objectives.

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How to make a successful business app

Before you start development process there are several aspects you should think about first to ensure project success. Have a look at six key factors that you should take into consideration before you bring your ideas to life.

Analyse the market, competitors, and target audience

A deep market research is a step number one in the mobile software development process. The thorough market analysis will give you insights about keys to the successful app creation. You should research the market to learn more about your main competitors, their mobile strategies, weaknesses and strengths. Later collected data will become useful for avoiding your competitors’ mistakes and distinguishing your mobile program from others. Check customers reviews to see their likes and dislikes and identify their needs. You should define, first of all, who is your target audience, who will be using your smartphone product, how it will help them. The application is likely to become popular if it meets users’ expectations.
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Is it expensive to build an app?

Before you define the app idea with all its specifications you should accept that mobile software development isn’t a cheap purchase, it is an investment in your business which usually starts paying off only within a half of a year after its launch. The cost may vary from £8,000 to £200,000 or even millions of pounds depending on your requirements, how many platforms you want the program should run, what features you need to integrate and many others things that determine the complexity of your project. Don’t delude yourself that you can build a cheap but qualitative mobile programs with some sort of app making software such as do-it-yourself (DIY) platforms. DIY app builders are cheap comparing to development company services, and this is true, but building your smartphone program with them will increase the risk to damage the company’s reputation due to numerous bugs, template design even if not a complete denial to work with some smartphones.

What skills and tools do I need to build a mobile application?

Mobile software development for smartphones and tablets requires extensive skillset which includes analysing, coding, designing, testing, and debugging and proficient knowledge of software development tools. Besides, you should keep in mind that every platform has its own SDK (software development kit) and IDE (integrated development environment).

iOS app development

iOS app creation can be enabled in case if a developer is well-versed in Swift or Objective-C programming languages. Initially, the knowledge of Objective-C was the only way to code for iOS platform, but in 2014 Apple released a new language for programmers which was created to simplifies multiple development processes. iOS IDE is an Xcode. Apple regularly update it to make it better and more convenient for coding and debugging. The latest version has additional editorial capabilities letting developers check static code. If you are interested in learning iOS program development visit, Apple’s Guide for developers.

Android smartphone apps

For building an Android applications, developers should be proficient in Java programming language. Currently, Google suggests to use Android Studio IDE, but many developers vote for Eclipse admitting that the second one can perform as good as the first one and in some cases even better. Android Studio is an official IDE with access to all Android development tools. The other useful things for developers are extensive JS and Android libraries which simplify the development with proven code samples. Learn more about Android software development from official Android training.

Apps for Windows Mobile

Visual Studio is a Microsoft’s universal IDE for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile app creation. The latest update of the Windows platform in favour of Windows Universal platform all UWP apps can be run on all device family. With the knowledge of Windows Runtime (WinRT) program architecture and its APIs programmer has access to all the platform features. WinRT components support multiple languages including JavaScript, Visual Basic, C++, and C#. For more information about Windows app development learn from Microsoft Developer resources.

Besides the coding skills and expertise in all the development tools, you will also need to have a developer account to access all the development tools and have an ability to publish smartphone apps in the app stores. For Apple account, it is usually about $100 per year, while for Google Play Store it is a registration fee in the amount of $25 and Windows Dev Center require $19 one-time registration payment.


Make your application useful for users to make them love it

What is a point to develop an inefficient application? The customers and potential users of your mobile software have certain expectations on the program, and one of them is a data efficiency. If you don’t want to be and owner of the program that users download and forget, make sure the app uses data efficiently and doesn’t overconsume it.

Bring something new to the table

There is a multiple choice of the programs with similar functionality, but only those who have something new and unique manage to attract more attention and cause a buzz around them. Users are constantly looking for something fresh and different because people have a tendency to get bored of repetitive things. Since the app stores have millions of smartphone apps available, your task is to make yours unique and unlike others from its category so that it could sate the thirst for something new and keep the users engaged.
  • Speed is a key to better user experience

    We live in the digital time, text messages instead of sending letters, stream music instead of buying CDs and prefer finding out the news from the internet instead of reading newspapers. We live in a mobile and busy world where there is no time for waiting. Users will appreciate a lot if you will help them to save time on loading or at least inform them that their operation is in process. Slowly loading apps make us feel that they are not working or malfunction and create a negative impression on your software. Loading indicators, progress bars, and animations can help you to avoid the misunderstanding showing that program is working and processing the operation.
  • Think of your monetization strategy

    If the smartphone application target isn’t an internal processes optimisation and you plan to generate revenue from your program via users’ purchases of the app and within it, you should start thinking in advance about the monetization strategy. Are you planning to integrate some in-app purchases such as virtual currency, advanced accounts, or anything else? Do you want to price your end-user software from the very launch or you want to give it some time to become popular among users? Do you want to integrate in-app ads? You should answer these questions before creating a list of specifications for your smartphone program. Besides, if you want to set a price on the mobile application, you should consider numerous factors to select a correct price for it.
  • Determine your smartphone application budget

    Many forward-looking entrepreneurs had to give up their app project because they didn’t pay attention to the project budget. There are numerous situations when you get excited over the new thing and immerse in the new activity forgetting about other things. We understand that software development is an interesting and engrossing activity and when you deal with it for the first time you might be willing to try as many things as possible and implement all the possible features but keep in mind you project budget. As professional smartphone app developers, we can suggest you start small. Don’t require for ‘nice-to-have’ features, you will be able to add them later, start with the core functionality. If you know your budget and allocate it properly, you will be able to accomplish it successfully. It is better to have someone who will keep an eye on the expenses ensuring that your budget remains the same throughout the development process.

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